ISO Benefits

Becoming a Discover Data Sales partner enables you to have more pricing flexibility when you choose to sell POS solutions to merchants. The types of programs offered ensure that you find a program to fit your needs and objectives. You’ll find we’re an excellent choice for one simple reason.



  • Choose from a variety of competitive programs for the right compensation model, including risk, no-risk and full-service processing
  • Multiple front-end and back-end processing options
  • Address the needs of nearly every industry, thanks to our comprehensive array of merchant transaction processing solutions
  • Robust online reporting tools designed to give you control of your business
  • High-Risk acceptance program available to select ISOs

Marketing Tools

To help support the business goals and sales efforts of our partners, we are ready to support with marketing materials, Web materials and more.


This secure cloud-based solution provides to both Independent Sales Organizations and merchants an integrated toolkit to effectively manage variety of sales, operations, reporting and accounting functions.

Our merchant underwriting and boarding process is seamless and paperless. Our ISOs are equipped with merchant pricing, residuals calculation and risk management modules, which take care of most of their day-to-day operations.


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