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Aptito is all-in-one Cloud based restaurant and bar management software and point of sale solution

Which comprises iPad® based POS, iPhone® based mobile POS, Self-Service Kiosk and iPad based Digital Menus, which work seamlessly with comprehensive back office solution.

iPad POS System

Aptito’s iPad point-of-sale system makes things easier by providing everything you need to help streamline the management and operations of your business. All your day-to-day restaurant business needs are covered with Aptito.

Standard full POS system includes one iPad, enclosure, cash drawer, kitchen and receipt printers, card reader and a local server.

iPad Digital Menus

The attractive, futuristic digital menus capture attention, peak interest, and will leave a lasting impression with your guests. They can even recommend favorite dishes to Facebook friends right from the menu!

iPad Self Order Kiosks

Aptito’s unique and affordable self-order iPad Kiosks save time by creating multiple checkout points. The Kiosk option can save you thousands of dollars per month.

Any orders placed on the iPad Kiosks can be routed and tracked through Aptito’s signature iPad POS system or can be sent directly to the kitchen.

Mobile POS

How you sell is almost more important than what you sell when it comes to the success of your restaurant. The Aptito mobile iPhone Point of Sale (mPOS) system makes it easy for you to increase sales and boost customer satisfaction, helping you to secure the prosperity and longevity of your restaurant, whether you serve gourmet cuisine or hamburgers on the quick.

Kitchen Display System

Aptito’s Interactive Kitchen Display System can work alongside or instead of kitchen printers on any type of touch screen tablet, while running any operating system with any web browser.

Kitchen staff can review orders by their priority, group, add specific notes and modifiers to each order, transfer orders from one screen to another, and even notify waiters that the order is ready by sending a message to the POS or mPOS system.

Inventory Management & Sales App

Aptito’s easy to use comprehensive inventory management and sales app drastically reduces overhead costs, simplifies management and improves the operational efficiency of your business. Enter items into the system once and it will manage the entire inventory on your behalf.

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