• Want to stop paying for processing costs completely? We can help you with that!

For a fixed rate of $49.99/month our ZeroPay plan allows our merchants to forward the processing cost on to the customer – resulting in ZERO cost of processing. The only cost incurred would be the monthly cost of subscribing to the ZeroPay plan & the rest is history! All processing costs are forwarded on to the customer’s total bill as a surcharge to cover that transactions processing costs. Customers at times will be willing to pay with cash instead to avoid paying the surcharge on their transactions. Merchants can now try out our ZeroPay plan and see if it suits their needs, if you don’t like it we can switch you back immediately!

  • Currently, the following 10 U.S. states can not be offered this program: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, Maine, Massachusetts, New York, Oklahoma and Texas.

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Poynt Care Program:

  • Are you a new business? Or consider yourself a small-sized merchant that does under $10k a month in credit card processing? We got you covered!
Which means that we offer a fixed rate of $79.99/month with $0.05/transaction and process everything at-cost based pricing. No rates to bother with or calculations to deal with. A simplified, low-cost solution for small-sized or new businesses. Small-sized business now too can enjoy the peace of mind by having control over their processing costs.

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Cash Discount Plan:

  • Would you rather get cash as payments than having to deal with credit card? If yes, This plan is for you!

Our Cash Discount plan focuses on encouraging customers to use cash instead of cards for payments. We would have our merchants notify their customers that if they pay with a card they would have to pay a 3.99% card processing fee for their purchase; however they can avoid paying the fee simply by choosing to make their purchases with cash. Merchants that have ATMs available on site will see a drastic growth of ATM usage and all merchants who chose this plan would enjoy the benefit of receiving majority of their revenues in cash! A simple plan goes a long way!

  • The Cash Discount plan is available to all merchants nationwide.

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Aldelo Care Program:

Restaurant Solution Aldelo Placement. Only $169.99 per month over interchange + 5c per transaction. Add an additional station for $89.00 per month!

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